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Training and Consulting Services

I offer individualized training in several areas including (but not limited to) accounting software usage, Bookkeeping Basics, Internal Controls, and Understanding Financial Documents. I am also available for consulting for a variety of business-related topics and disciplines such as Strategic Planning, Goal-Setting, Time Management, Project Management, Business Development. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list: If you do not see a topic listed that you may be interested in, then be sure to ask me.


Rates for training and consulting services are listed below for virtual /web delivery plans (For Onsite Packages, there is an extra $500.00 per day additional premium added to each of the rates below). These packages can be combined and customized to fit your specific purposes and needs. Contact me TODAY for more information and to schedule your free initial consultation!

*4-Hours / 2 sessions
*6-Hours /
3 sessions
*2-Hours /
1 session
Per-Hour / Al-A Carte
$249.99 / Hr

*All 2+ hour packages are delivered in up to 2-hour blocks of time and include the following benefits and services:

  • Initial meeting via phone and/or Zoom with stakeholders to jointly determine the specific needs for training and / or consultation.

  • Development of customized curriculum and/or materials based on needs jointly developed from initial meeting.

  • For Training, delivery of instruction based on jointly-agreed-upon parameters discussed and outlined in our engagement. For both Onsite and Zoom delivery, the suggested group size is up to 5 students at a time for MAXIMUM benefit and instructional efficiency.

  • For Training, students will have access to a special ONE DRIVE folder to facilitate exchange of important information, handouts, etc. needed for their instruction.

  • For Training longer than 40 hours' duration, weekly "office hours" will be available by phone for any questions or concerns that may come up in the course of the instruction period.

  • For Consulting, delivery of consulting services based on jointly-agreed-upon parameters discussed and outlined in our engagement.

  • For Consulting, a follow-up report will be provided within 2 weeks of the final consulting session(s) if necessary.

  • For Consulting, "office hours" for phone questions will be provided for two weeks after the follow-up report has been received.

  • For all Virtual / Web Conference delivered sessions, client can choose to have sessions recorded for future reference AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! (Recording option for Onsite sessions is NOT available).

  • My ongoing commitment to supreme attention to detail, follow-through, and customer service!


Requirements and Exclusions - these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Payment of 1/2 of fees for periods of 40 hours or longer is due before work starts, with the remainder due at the half-way point of the engagement before work resumes. 

  • Payment of 100% of fees for less than 40 hours' duration is due before work starts.

  • 100% payment by the 5th of each month for subscription or month-to-month engagements is due before work starts.

  • All Onsite delivered training and consulting to be conducted onsite at your location or at a location of your choosing will be at your expense as well as your responsibility to arrange ahead of time. There is also a $500.00 per day additional premium charged for Onsite-delivered training and consulting.

  • Hours allotted for sessions do not carry over, ie you must "use them or lose them."

  • All training and consulting services are provided "as-is," intended to be for general guidance only. Whilst we endeavor to provide accurate and complete information, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, nor do we make any guarantee of suitability or fitness of the information provided, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Any reliance you place on such information or recommendations is therefore strictly at your own risk.



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