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File Reviews and Reconciliation Services (for QuickBooks Users)


For the small entrepreneur who wants to keep his/her own records, but wants to add an extra layer of security and oversight to the financial processes ... these services are created to provide YOU with peace of mind that nothing is overlooked and that your financial records are always up-to-date! These services can be scheduled to be done monthly or quarterly.


NOTE: All rates listed below are AVERAGES and not set in stone... Your rates could be higher or even LESS depending on your business' unique needs and can be customized to match your particular situation. Schedule a Phone Appointment with me TODAY for your FREE initial consultation to see if we are a good mutual fit!

6-Month Engagement
12-Month Engagement
Subscription / Month-to-Month (no contract)
$399.99 / Month 

All above packages include the following benefits and services:

  • Review added and/or matched transactions entered into Client's accounting platform of choice (Quickbooks Desktop or Online) to ensure correctness of the information.

  • Make any minor corrections, alert Client to the errors and provide brief instruction on how to correct errors before reconciling data in Client's financial record-keeping platform

  • Once errors are corrected, Reconciliation of up to four (4) accounts of any kind: Bank account, Credit Card, Loan / Liability, or any combination thereof. Bank feeds must be activated in QuickBooks File AND Guest Access established for online accounts - otherwise, additional fees apply as explained below.

  • Minor updates to Chart of Accounts and other List information as needed on a recurring basis throughout the agreement period.

  • Access to my Slack workspace, OR Your own special DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE or ONE DRIVE folder created just for you to facilitate exchange of important documents and items for financial record-keeping purposes.

  • Coordination with your CPA, Accountant, Tax Preparer, etc. as needed to ensure complete and accurate coding, treatment, and entry of your financial data and information into your financial record-keeping system.

  • My ongoing commitment to supreme attention to detail, follow-through, and customer service!


Add-Ons to basic packages above (also available as ala-carte services to micropreneurs!) include:

  • $150.00/ea. per month for each bank or credit card account not connected within Quickbooks (Manual data entry & organization / no guest access established)

  • $50.00/ea. per month for each additional account above the four (4) minimum (Bank feeds activated / guest accesss established)

  • $50.00/ea. pay period for manual entry of payroll entries for outside payroll vendors (ex. APEX, ADP, etc.)

  • $100.00 extra per month for Monthly reports including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss (monthly, YTD w/previous year comparison, quarterly - you tell me what YOU need!).

  • $25.00/ea. bill per month for Accounts Payable entry tasks (Billing, scheduling payments, running related reports, etc. But NO PROCESSING PAYMENTS OR PRINTING CHECKS). 

  • $25.00/ea. invoice per month for Accounts Receivable entry tasks (Invoicing, running related reports). 

  • $200.00 extra per each statement cycle to assist Client in correcting major errors in Client's financial records

  • $200.00 per day for any onsite work or in-person meetings, pick-ups, or drop offs not included as part of the packages above.


**NOTE: Please check our Ongoing Bookkeeping page to compare rates as some of these services are included in the basic packages for ongoing bookkeeping work


Requirements and Exclusions - these include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rates quoted above for basic packages are for work done from my office/location. For onsite work or in-person meetings, pick-ups or drop offs not included as part of the packages above, additional fees apply as indicated above. Cancellation fees also apply.

  • Bank Feeds must be activated in QuickBooks file AND guest access provided for ALL accounts in included packages, or additional fees apply as indicated above.

  • Your financial records must be relatively current and up-to-date (no more than 2-3 bank statement cycles behind) as Catch-Up, Clean-up, and Set-up tasks are not included with these services.

  • Please note that Set-Up and Catch-Up rates are generally DOUBLE the rates of ongoing work. Having said that, each situation is unique, so I strive to be fair with my pricing for these services.

  • Pre-payment of 100% of fees for each monthly or quarterly statement cycle work is due before work starts.

  • Subscription Services WILL REQUIRE an agreement to allow set-up of Recurring Payments to be processed by the 5th of each month through before work starts (Recurring payments for other packages are offered as a courtesy).

  • Add-on fees will be billed monthly as needed or as incurred and are due and payable upon receipt.

  • Client is to ensure timely delivery (by the 10th of the following month for previous month's work) of all needed source documents and / or provide guest access to all platforms needed to provide the services needed as per our written agreement.

  • As I am not a CPA, Accountant, or tax preparer, Client's CPA, Accountant, or Tax Preparer will have the final word and will be deemed the final authority on any / all data entered into Client's financial records. 

  • Client is responsible for adopting sound accounting principles and ensuring adequate internal controls are in place as well as abiding by all applicable city, county, state, and federal laws as necessary.



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