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Your Time is Valuable, Correct? 
So ... What Exactly is Your Time Worth to you?
  • In other words, specifically how much is it costing you in time, money, and resources to do your own bookkeeping (as well as other tasks you shouldn't be doing)?
  • How much are you giving up in terms of time, money, and resources in return for doing your own bookkeeping (and/or those other pesky tasks you shouldn't be doing)?
  • Are these tasks KEEPING YOU from generating additional income for your company?
  • How much EXTRA $$$ are you spending at year-end to hand off incomplete and messy financial records to your CPA, Accountant, or Tax Preparer?
  • How much would you $$-SAVE-$$ to OUTSOURCE these tasks on an ongoing basis?
  • How much value do you place on having current, up-to-date financial data to make important and timely financial decisions to help keep your company running smoothly?
  • And let's say you DO choose to keep your own books. Do You REALLY know what you are doing and/or if you have the correct bookkeeping software / support tools mix to work in your favor, and/or is the time you're spending on these tasks keeping you from tasks that you need to be doing to grow and scale your business?
If you fall in one of the below-listed categories and have wrestled with these and related questions, then YOU are my ideal client! In short, you don't need to do it all as now you have the opportunity to partner with ME ... an experienced professional ... to assist you in handling these tasks for you so that you can focus on what you do best!
Here are my ideal clients listed below. If you are one of these persons or businesses listed below, then schedule a FREE initial consultation by clicking on the PHONE Icon above to get started.
Sole Proprietor, LLC, C-Corp and S-Corp Accounting & Bookkeeping Professionals
Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms (Owners, Management, & Staff)
Psychologists, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, and other similar professionals


I provide these services that can be customized to your particular situation:

... Training and Consulting in QuickBooks Desktop and Online Platforms ... Bookkeeping Basics Training ... File Check-Ups ... File Reviews and Reconciliations ... *Ongoing Bookkeeping ... Discounts on QuickBooks products via my Premier Partner Solutions Provider ...   
* I only handle a select few companies at any given time who make the cut.  
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