File Check-Ups

We all know how important health check-ups are for our overall physical health. Well, do you know that your computerized financial records could benefit from a periodic check-up as well? To answer, YES they can ... and especially if you are a small business owner and keeps your own financial records using either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.


One of my most sought-after services is providing a thorough financial file check-up which covers these areas important to your overall financial record health.

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Choose from one of three packages:

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I conduct a Thorough File Review (All packages) to Identify / Point out:


  • Set-Up Issues (deep dive into Chart of Accounts / Items Lists to diagnose set-up problems)

  • Balances Issues (look for unusual balances, unexplained accounts, uncategorized income / expense)

  • Improper workflow issues (negative inventory, unapplied payments to bills / invoices, undeposited funds not applied to deposits correctly)

  • *Health of Data File 
    (check of file size, list sizes vs. limits, File fragments) *Desktop only

I Provide Feedback on issues discovered via:

  • Email (Basic)

  • 1-hour virtual tour via Zoom  (Deluxe, Premium)

I Apply a portion of fees to catch-up and/or Cleanup within 2 (two) months of check-up completion date:

  • 1/4 (Premium)

I provide an overview of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss and share how to read and interpret the information included on each. (Premium)

To the extent possible, I provide Key Ratio Analysis to measure Liquidity, Efficiency, and Solvency. (Premium)

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