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Bookkeeping Basics 1:1 Training - To use any accounting software confidently, you need this course!

**I also offer the First Module as an affordable small group option.**

*Act Quickly to lock in Lowest rates before Prices increase effective 1/1/2024! 













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Start YOUR path to a lucrative and fulfilling career in the Bookkeeping field - Sign up TODAY for the format which works best for YOUR Learning Style!  We can customize dates and times to work with YOUR particular situation! What are you waiting for??? 


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Bookkeeping skills are in demand. People with Basic Bookkeeping skills can expect to earn a higher wage or salary than the average office worker… and with work experience can increase one’s advancement opportunities and command higher pay. 


Knowledge of Bookkeeping skills is also important for small business owners who opt to keep their own financial records. Though most modern software programs are easy to learn, it is easy to seriously mess up your record-keeping if you do not know what you are doing - and it can end up costing you MUCH MORE to get it straightened out by someone like me later on come tax or audit time!

My Basic Bookkeeping course will give you the tools to understand the basics of the Double-Entry Bookkeeping system while relating these concepts to the use of computerized software programs. The complete video course consists of 10.5 total contact hours (virtual training sessions consist of anywhere between 15 - 20 contact hours) which can be customized to your schedule. 


The complete course covers these topics split into Six (6) Modules: 

*Introduction to Bookkeeping – Understanding Basic Concepts 
*Working with T-Accounts and Rules of Debit / Credit 
*Preparing Trial Balance and Financial Reports 
*Making Entries in the General Journal 
*Relating General Journal Entries to Transactions entered in a Popular Accounting Software


All above packages include handouts and a special Dropbox or Google Drive or One Drive folder to exchange documents. In addition, the Zoom-delivered sessions will be recorded and provided to each student for future reference.

Please Note: All training and consulting services are provided "as-is," intended to be for general guidance only. Whilst we endeavor to provide accurate and complete information, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, nor do we make any guarantee of suitability or fitness of the information provided, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Any reliance you place on such information or recommendations is therefore strictly at your own risk.


Testimonials from students, past and present:



"I took days off from work to attend this class. I feel that it was worth it."

"I learned more in two weeks from Mrs. Grosskurth than I learned in my college accounting class. She made all the transactions, terminology, and journalizing so understandable."


"Anyone who plans to work in the bookkeeping or even Accounting industry needs to take this class. Well taught/delivered by the instructor."


"I hadn't been a student in a long time and it was nice to have a teacher who took so much extra time with me and who was so very patient."

"Our teacher's ability to breakdown the information into understandable chucks was amazing. I appreciate her for teaching me these bookkeeping skills and encouraging me along the way."


"Kathy took her time explaining the material. (She) explained the debits and credits in such away that I finally got it."


"Strong foundation of bookkeeping was taught, and emphasized."


"(I liked the) small class size and personal attention."


"I was able to schedule classes according to my work schedule/life schedule."


"The direct simplicity was amazing for me."


"Excellent teacher."


"This class gave me back my confidence in Accounting."


"I liked everything about the class. The class was taught well."


"I really enjoyed the class and look forward to another in the future!"


"Kathy is amazingly knowledgeable, helpfully and patient. She was fair from start to finish."


Complete Course
     Delivered via         Zoom Web Platform 

   Complete Course
Delivered via
MP4 Video 


First Module delivered via MP4 Video     $199.99

First Module Delivered via Zoom     $399.99 

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