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The Case for Outsourcing Your Payroll

I am often asked by small business owners if they should outsource their payroll or do it in-house. Particularly if they are an S-corp with a single employee. Well, I often say that, after weighing the pros and cons, it is often more cost-effective - AND legally wise - to outsource. EVEN for one person! In my area of the country (Cobb County, GA), there are many payroll providers - from the mom-and-pop shops to organizations with a nation-wide footprint.

I usually recommend a client check out several organizations before settling on any one group or organization. The important consideration is to take the time necessary to make sure your payroll processor will be a good fit with your needs - whether it be full-service payroll, assisted payroll, or somewhere in between.

Since I do not wish to recreate the wheel, here are a handful of good resources that explains the process better than I do. Enjoy! ... AND if you wish to use locally-sourced (in and around Cobb County, GA) payroll providers, there are several I can refer you to... Don't hesitate to contact me for the info!

PS: Please note I am sharing these resources for informational purposes only - I'm NOT promoting their products or services. Thank you!

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