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We Can Rise Above It All!

How many of us have been bothered by someone's words or actions that has touched a nerve? How many of us have thought, "I will get even" or have retaliated in some way, shape, or form against the slight?

We've all had to endure such scenarios in our personal and professional lives. I myself have endured more than my fair share ... and I have to admit that I didn't always deal with those situations in the best way possible!

But I have learned over time that I can rise above all the drama and chaos. You can too! It all starts by remembering this extremely important life law:

We cannot control what other people say or do - we can only control our response and subsequent behavior. Once we truly "get" that basic truth, then we can work past the pain of perceived slights and press onward in appropriate ways.

I say "perceived slights" because the slights may be 100% unintentional on the part of the perpetrator(s).

So remember this truth before even considering confrontation - in weighing whether or not to bring these things up to the perpetrator(s) at hand. Since you cannot reason with an unreasonable person, it may have to be enough for you to realize these things are what they are and that confrontation may not be wise at that particular time - or EVER.

I hope these observations help someone today!

PS: Even if they meant the slight - then SO WHAT? All it does is show their level of immaturity and makes them look like a fool. No need for us stoop to their level and appear just as foolish or WORSE.

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