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Happy New Year from Bookkeeping Clean and Simple!

Greetings, and Happy New Year to each of you, my valued colleagues, and (possibly) future collaborators! I am hoping each of you are having a great start to your 2016. I am counting my blessings - considering I am still recovering from a Femur break which happened early October, I am doing well - the break has healed (Hallelujah!) but I still have a long road ahead of me with PT to strengthen and learning to walk /drive all over again. Continued prayers and well-wishes are appreciated! :)

Now, onto some exciting news and updates...

From what I've seen and heard, many of you have had a wonderful and fruitful 2015. Well, so did I! (injury notwithstanding). The highlight was launching my Bookkeeping Basics class last spring. The class, geared towards small business owners and individuals, is offered in two formats: Webinar/Hangouts or Self-Study. My dream is to help more business owners and individuals looking to work in the bookkeeping field learn the basics - and YOU CAN HELP by sharing the information with your clients and others for whom you feel this training is appropriate:

I have also received my QuickBooks Advanced Online Certification and am working on the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 Certification. Obtaining these credentials - along with my strong bookkeeping foundation - means you can trust that I have the knowledge and expertise to be able to handle most all basic bookkeeping and training-related needs for small businesses and sole proprietors.

Finally, I just signed up as a Xero Partner and will be working on certification here shortly.

So, if any of you are in need of an extra set of hands at this time of the year (Bookkeeping catch-up/clean-up, Bookkeeping training, Quickbooks training, etc.), then contact me ASAP so we can get you started! With the extra work at tax time, it may be a challenge to get the ideal times needed unless you schedule early. If interested, I can provide you a Questionnaire to complete and return to me so I can offer a customized solution which fits your situation. Just send me a LinkedIn message to request yours!

Again, I wish numerous blessings for 2016 and beyond. And as always, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a valued bookkeeping resource!

PS: I am listed on the QuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor site! Check out my page - and feel free to submit a review! If you've had a positive experience, it will help me in getting the word out to others who would benefit from someone like me to help them with their bookkeeping needs!

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